Monday, January 28, 2008

Invites and such

We got our invites from Irina Beffa. She's wonderful and so are the invitations. I'll try and get a .jpg up soon.
It's hard making the guest list. 120 guests seems like a-lot, but our families alone take up 70 of those spots. So we have to decide who to invite and how the heck do you do that? Rating your friends is not fun. So, we use whatever arbitrary system and plan on having a huge party sometime soon, or maybe on our 1st anniverary, and inviting EVERYONE!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

14 Years

January 7th we celebrated fourteen years as a couple. we've been best of friends for eighteen years. Half of our life now. And it all started with a fight about art.


Wow, I just realized this, I haven't even mentioned our honeymoon on this here blog. We're Going To ROME! Yeah, 8 days in Rome. Thanks Dad. We are super excited. Got our passports and everything.


Tonight I can't sleep, so I worked on guest list, to do lists, and this here blog, about ROME, WE'RE GOING TO ROME!

Cutes story: Bryna thought my pops was sending us to Hawaii or on a cruise or something. When he told me Rome and I called her at work and told her Rome she did a happy dance. She did SUCH a happy dance that she pulled a muscle in her leg and limped for a week. That is the most enthusiastic happy dance I have EVER heard of.