Friday, March 27, 2009

And the big announcement is made

Hi world,
I've been posting a bit to this blog as it has become our baby blog, but I've been not publishing those posts until now as we had not, until now, been quite ready to let let the cat out of the bag. Yep, we're having us a baby.
That is how it works right? You get married and then the stork comes and it takes away all your condoms and birth control pills and then you have a baby.
This is a very planned baby. The only surprise is how quickly it happened but I probably already wrote about that. I can't remember.
Times is crazy.
More soon. :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Lalonie

We call our little humming bird baby "the lalonie" or maybe that is spelled "Lalogne."
We were at The Crest Christmas party and Loren and Candace had their little one there. She was so cute in her little dress and shiny shoes so I of course taught her to kick people out. She'd yell "Get Out! Go Home!" and it was hilarious. I told her to tell someone that they were full of bologna. She yelled, "You're The Lalonie." And a new phrase was born.
Going back to my early post for a minute, we confirmed yesterday that we have only one lalonie. Bryna and my mom were both sure we were going to get twins.

The Ultrasound

Today it is 9 weeks. We had our ultrasound yesterday. We're now telling all the siblings and select friends. We wanted to wait until we heard the heartbeat.
Best reaction so far, cousin Isa who flipped out "YAY, I KNEW IT, OH MY GOD, YAY!" We told her by webcam and I'm so glad I got to see her reaction. I only wish I'd thought to record it. Isa's husband, cousin Tim, was so very sweet and sent us his journal from their first pregnancy. I'm so not sweet that my first reaction to this very kind and loving gesture was "KRON!?! YOU WERE GONNA NAME YOUR BABY KRON?!"
I'm really happy that Isa and Tim are just two weeks ahead of us. They're a wonderful resource and two of my favorite people in the world.

We were really nervous going into the ultrasound. Nervous because something could be wrong, and really, we both FELT pregnant when we got the news but we haven't really felt it this past week, at least partially because Bryna's morning sickness, which had never been considerate enough to confine itself to the morning, had subsided.
We got in there, and we saw the baby. We saw it's little heart beat, and the yolk sack floating above. And IT WAVED ITS LITTLE ARM BUD! That was wild. Then we heard the fast little heartbeat. 162 beats a minute. Everything looks right so far and now it feels more real than ever. We're having a baby! Well, we're having a humming bird, but eventually it will be a lizard and then a puppy and then a monkey and then A BABY!

We're showing off our grainy, gray pictures. Loads of fun. Now to get our crap together and buy a house.