Sunday, December 7, 2008

And baby makes three

We're working on having a baby.
We first had sex without contraception of any kind on December 2nd.

We've thrown around baby names we like.
I'll put up a list of those in a bit.

My favorite quote from this adventure so far:

"Is that your pee?"
"Ooh, don't walk around with your pee!"

It is very unlikely that Bryna is pregnant yet. But she could be. And that is such a strange feeling.
She is doing a pregnancy test as I type. She doesn't know what I'm typing. She is mostly just doing it to get used to doing it. She also has some ovulation tests that help figure out when the ovulation is happening.

We've been together for 15 years. We've been very careful. We're stable and mature (comparatively) and yet it still feels reckless. There is an economic crash, they're predicting a bad depression, the environment is in bad shape and holy wars continue to break out, yet still we're doing this. They say there is never a perfect time and you'll always find a reason to wait, but it really feels like the universe ganged up to drive the point home with us. :)

More on this subject later. For now it will suffice to say, we have thought about it, talked about and we are comfortable bringing one person into this world and do our best to raise a person that will add to value of the world rather than detract. This person will be VERY VERY VERY LOVED and will always know it. We have more specific plans for parenting but that is the core. :)

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