Monday, October 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Max! 3 Years!

My girl is three years old today!

We had a heck of a party to celebrate on Saturday. My wife is the box office manager of an amazing old theatre, a real landmark here in Sacramento, called The Crest. The business owner is also one of our best friends, in fact she officiated at our wedding. So, we asked if we could use the theatre for Max's birthday and she said we could. So, we invited everyone to come down at 10am, coffee for the grown ups, juice for the kids, muffins and mini donuts for all. Then we ushered the crowd into the theatre and played The Wizard of Oz on the big screen! Our friend Laura supplied the movie on Blue Ray and it looked gorgeous! It was great that we had the whole 1,000 seat theatre as the kids were free to dance around during the musical numbers and it was fine if they were noisy. The best way for tiny ones to enjoy a movie on the big screen, Max's first. Also cool because its her favorite movie. After the flick we all headed into the lobby for pizza and cupcakes. Here is your I told you so Bryna, the wife said "Are you sure two XL pizzas (plus a small cheeseless for me and Max) will be enough?" I was a bit defensive. I was handling the food. She was micromanaging me. But, past experience tells me, she is often right (CALM DOWN HONEY! I DIDN'T SAY USUALLY!) I ordered tree XLs and we still ran out. That's Max showing her reverence for a chocolate vegan cupcake in the picture above
. Oh, did I mention my mom made her a Dorothy costume for the occasion? We encouraged the other kids to wear costumes which most did and we brought a bunch of costumes for any kids who didn't (my wife's great idea). It was super fun, all the grandmas and grampas were able to make it. We're so far from rich, it felt really good to use the midtown artists barter system to make Maxine's third birthday such an grand affair. Today we sang to her, and sent her off to grandmas. Tonight we'll have a special dinner.

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