Monday, May 11, 2009


The economy is still unstable and there are days when I go to work and it is a challenge to find work to do. I get scared. At the same time my comedy career is making some big steps towards at least increasing my income in a substantial way even if it still seems miles from becoming a career.
And still, the baby keeps growing. Pig flu, and new wars, and the belly is a little bigger every day.
The world is always ending. As far back as mankind recorded it's thoughts it seemed to think that the end days were upon us, and the babies kept coming.
It is wild to think what this kid could see in it's life time. I think what has happened in mine, and I'm not that old!
We've had three ultrasounds now, we've seen the baby stretch and wave and do the robot. The baby seems to favor Bryna's right side, hanging out over there and making my dear wife lopsided.
We've had blood tests which have all come back showing a high likelihood of everything being just fine.
My cousin Isa is having her third, Isa's sister, my cousin Kara is pregnant with her first and the biggest news, my kid brother and his girlfriend are expecting as well, his first, her second.
My older three brothers have kids who are or are fast becoming adults so I'm surprised to find myself becoming a parent with so much company. Makes me feel like part of a factory churning out humans.
I really hope we can get into a house though that seems increasingly less likely, not impossible but less likely. Houses finally drop within my price range and for the first time in my life I'm in the building industry, dependent on house sales to have the money to buy damn house. Ouch. But we'll see.
I haven't written here in a while, there is just too much to write and I freeze up. I wish I could just write, WOW, YAY, MAGIC, MIRACLE, but the emotions are more complex than that and even in a situation like this where we knowingly and willingly entered into this adventure it's still a roller coaster ride of doubt and fear and hope and love and excitement.
Bryna is having a good second trimester for the most part. A craving for tater tots tonight sent me to Safeway where I rean into my old friend James and his girlfriend and there new baby.
Bryna has more of a sweet tooth than she's ever had.
We find out on June 1st if we're having a boy or a girl. Bryna is sure she saw a penis in one of the ultrasounds. I say if the blip she is pointing at is a penis than we're not having a boy, we're having a man. I'm pretty sure she just saw a blip.
I recorded a CD. The recording went GREAT. Waiting to see what happens with that.
I'm not really sure if my book will be published or not. The publisher is seeming wishy washy. Having their own economic ups and downs.
And my documentary is still s l o w l y making it's way through theatrical release, if you can call it that. It plays in a couple of weeks at the "Plea for Peace Center" in Stockton CA.
If one of these things could just take off, and bump my profile as a comic/writer/whatever it would be SO great.
I better go to bed now. I could probably keep writing all night. It's hot. Poor Bryna. She'll be the most pregnant through the hottest months.

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