Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Little Girl

Amazing what an effect knowing the gender has had on the old psyche. The baby we're growing is suddenly less a nebulous thing and more MY DAUGHTER!

I have been warned by more than one father not to be too hard on myself if it takes me time to feel the love and attachment towards my child but I don't think this will be an issue with me. I love her already, as I watch her wiggling around in Bryna's belly, evading the ultrasound camera and otherwise being a wonderful, uncooperative little child of mine. I can't wait to meet her on the outside.

Bryna has been lopsided as the baby pushes to one side of the womb. I have been talking to that side, to the little bump the baby makes. Turns out I've been conversing with my baby girl's butt. Thanks baby.

We bought our first article of baby clothing, a onesie with a picture of a mummy on it and the words, I Want My Mummy.
We are dorks.

We take a picture of Bryna's belly every Friday and it is growing, growing, growing.
I guess we'll start talking about the baby shower soon.

We're talking names of course. I really like Maxine with the nick-name Max. Bryna likes Modain (sp?) with a nickname Mo. I like the Mo part but not so much the Modain. We both like Alia as a second choice, though I'm not sure we agree on the spelling, Allea? At any rate, the short version would be Ally which is very cute. It's a big responsibillity giving someone a name. Bryna and I both really like our names.

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Mattie said...

Modain sounds like a prescription drug. Maxine is a GREAT name.