Thursday, May 10, 2007

Where we're at

We picked a place. It was a big compromise. I really wanted a wedding that would allow for an overnight camping wedding but we just couldn't find a campground that would accommodate the ceremony portion of that vision. So, we found a place that's nice, pretty and right here in Sacramento. And our first anniversary will be a crazy camping trip.

We picked month. We were going to do April and figured we'd do it during spring break so my nieces from Australia could come to the wedding without missing school. But Easter is in March next year, so that won't work, assuming that Spring Break and Easter go together there as here. Also April was VERY rainy this year, though May's seen some shower too. Oh well, the place we picked comes with an indoor rain option.

We'll pick a day. Honestly. We really wanted to do it this week, but our cars been in the shop and, um, other excuses. But before Next Friday we'll get up there and sign for a date, for real.

I chose a best man. My little brother James. Easy choice.

Fun things to look forward to. The Dress. Yeah, I love wedding dresses. Don't call it a fetish you. Behave, my mom reads this. And then choosing a caterer. Lots of food to sample. I'd rather let friends cater, trying to steer clear of at least some of the materialism of weddings, but I want our friends to enjoy the event and I want us to have as little to worry about as possible. Oh, and hiring a mariachi band should be fun. I think Bryna thinks I'm kidding. I'm so not. Mariachi band is a must for me.

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