Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Yeah, we're getting married

Many of you doubt it, I know.

After a ten year courtship we got engaged. I dropped down on one knee up on top of the Eifel Tower, well, the fake Eifel Tower anyway, the one in Vegas, but I did have a mustache so that makes it all too real right?

We were there thanks to my mom who sent us there for our anniversary. She knew what I was up to, as did our buddy Sid. Bryna hadn't a clue. So, I got down on one knee, popped open the jewelry box as I'd been practicing doing even as we walked down the strip (she didn't notice. I fidget a-lot normally.) and I said "Bryna Rachel Lovig will you marry me?"

And she got teary and smiley and said "Yes."

Then three years passed. Where the hell did those three years go? Just 'poof' gone. And you're all wondering if we were waiting another ten before getting married. We thought about it but no, we're ready now. Watch for an exact date within the next week. The wedding will be in May of 2008 and most likely it will be at Sierra II on 24th Street and 2nd avenue. I can walk from my house to there and maybe I'll do so when the big day comes. If there's no car for obnoxious groomsmen to decorate will they put shaving cream all over my suit and tie aluminum cans to my belt? Uh oh, I just planted an idea didn't I? Shudder.

So, I thought this here blog would be a fun place to post about the process of getting married and maybe we'll share some romantic stories of our courtship and some photos too.

I'll link the more relevant posts on the right as we set the Date, Post Directions and register for gifts like good little capitolists.

Let me real quickly thank my Mom for all the help she is given us so far and thank everyon else who I know will be helping us as well. We have such a great community of friends and family and we love you all, well, most of you! Okay, all of you.

PLEASE SEND ME ANY GOOD PHOTOS YOU HAVE OF US! And notice that you CAN leave comments on this here blog. Thanks.


amos said...

oh u 2 crazy kids... live & love 4ever! -- uncle amos (not remus or imus)

KLJ said...

Thanks Amos. Livng forever sounds nice, and so far so good. (I stole that joke from someone. Steven Wright I believe.)

Anonymous said...

I remember way back, when Keith and Bryna had been touring in their old Volkswagon, all the way to New York to visit his old aunt and uncle, I was soooo pleased that we had a girly room for Bryna, and I set up a cot for Keith in the den. I guess Keith didn't like that because to my chagrin, when I got up the next morning , him and his cot were gone, only to be found in Bryna's room.

Kelsey said...

Hi Bryna and Keith! I'm Kelsey, Bryna's cousin from Alaska. I've never met either of you, but I have heard all about Bryna, and I've always wanted to meet you! Your sisters, Lydia and Emily, came up for a visit once and I have never forgotten them, haha. That was such a long time ago though. Well, I am so happy I found this site (which, just for the record, is a long and ironic story!)and I really hope you'll have time to contact me someday! My email is (strange I know) or I guess this Gmail thing would work too...Oh yes! and Congragulations on getting married! Much luck! Come and visit us someday!