Monday, October 19, 2009

Inducing tomorrow

We have an appt. to induce labor tomorrow night at 9pm, which should see the baby being born Wednesday during the day.

I'm very excited to meet my baby girl but it is unfortunate that Bryna's 9 months of figuring out he she wants to deal with this is possibly about to be flushed away and she has to quickly prepare for her plan B, as doing the pitocin (the drug they use, not a new dance craze) will limit her movement and can cause labor to be more intense and more painful increasing the chances of her needing help from the pain fairy.

Of course the possibility was always there and she always had a plan B but it has been such an ideal pregnancy in every way, we just started to assume that it would continue to roll along just right. We did a fetal monitoring today and the nurse, who was sweet but an idiot, told us we had to stay a little longer and continue the monitoring and then said we may just keep you here all the way through. We both took it as a joke, and Bryna jokingly said "But I'm not ready to stay here." and this little peon in scrubs gets all serious and says "Well you don't get to decide." or some such crap. She left and I told Bryna not to worry that the Nurse is an idiot. After the second session of monitoring reached about half as long as the initial session a different nurse came and told us we were good to go.

I was pretty pissed but kept it to myself as I was more interested in being calm and upbeat for Bryna. We got some food at the Co-Op and as if they knew we needed comfort they had vegetarian mashed potatoes, gravy and "meat" loaf. Then more comfort, Bryna's sister Erin suggested a $20, hour foot massage at Happy Day Spa. Bryna loved it. It did her a world of good.
Tomorrow, she either goes into labor on her own, or not, either way it's go time.

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